Nigel Shafran: Work Books 1984 – 2018

chickenpox self portrait diary page 1991.jpg

18 May – 7 June, 2018  

Sion and Moore, a new commercial gallery project dedicated to photography, is delighted to announce its inaugural show, Work Books 1984 – 2018, a presentation of work by the photographer Nigel Shafran.

The exhibition, which has been designed by Michael Marriott, is comprised of approximately 40 books containing drawings, notes, small photographs and other printedmatter,aswellasfilmsofthebooks–noneofwhichhavebeenshowninLondon before. 

 Pictured above: Nigel Shafran, chicken pox self portrait diary page 1991 from Works Books 1984 – 2018  

For images and more information please contact:

Carla von der Becke,, t: +44(0)2073880997; m: +44(0)7974252994 


Download full press release below