Fair dates: Saturday 5th October 2019
Free entry 11am - 8pm

Old Spitalfields Market
Central Mezzanine Terrace
8 Horner Square
London E1 6EW

CULTURAL TRAFFIC, the roving global arts and publishing fair, will hold its fourth London edition at Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday 5th October, 2019. 

Its new talks programme, which like the fair is free of charge, will take place throughout the day and includes the following speakers:

Philip Sallon — style innovator, designer and club impresario
Pandemonia —human artwork
Scarlett Cannon — conceptual model 
Luisa Le Voguer Couyetin — co-founder of HATE zine
Iris Luz — founder of PC Erotic magazine
Dinah Gold — photographer (The London Vagabond) 

Says CULTURAL TRAFFIC founder, Toby Mott: ‘This series of talks have been created to incite conversations about the current cultural landscape, in particular the impact of digital technology.’

About the speakers:

• Philip Sallon was a core member of the ‘Blitz Kids’, a group of young trendsetters who frequented the famous Blitz club-night in the 1980s. Along with Steve Strange and Boy George, he was a progenitor of the New Romantic movement. In his talk, he will discuss how today’s digital app-based culture has transformed night life.

• Pandemonia, a seven-foot tall pop art creation made from latex and flesh, is a regular feature at art world and fashion events. Her creator will discuss the concepts that brought her into being.

• Scarlett Cannon, an original Blitz Kid, will discuss her life as a model. A muse for countless creatives, including Derek Jarman and the late Judy Blame, Cannon considers herself an ‘ongoing changeable sculpture’, someone capable of transforming herself from a modern-day Jean Harlow to a conceptual human depiction of the New York skyline. Unlike today’s Instagram culture, where highly-sexualized uniformity and pornification are encouraged, Cannon has a unique, idiosyncratic profile that defies easy definition.

• The current independent print publishing scene will be explored by three influential editors: Luisa Le Voguer Couyetin, Iris Luz and Dinah Gold.

• Luz is currently presenting a show about upcycling fashion for Depop & Selfridges and a radio show for Know Wave. Additionally, she focuses on exploring the realm of technology and has written for publications including Dazed Beauty and Interview Magazine. From neural networks to biohacking, she explores the different ways tech and humanity collide. Her latest project, PC Erotic 2, which dissects the concept of fake news and post truth, will be out next month.

• Le Voguer Couyetin co-founded Hate Zine in 2015. Hate, which is advert free, focuses on social justice issues through art, photography, features, poetry and writing. Past issues have covered mental health, sex and gender, the environment, love, and most recently, death.

• Dinah Gold will talk about the photographic work she produces through the alias ‘The London Vagabond’. She says: ‘I want to guide and encourage more women to feel empowered by their bodies and by their own sexuality, depicting them honestly and often that empowerment stretches beyond the image. I met my partner/lover/slave around four years ago and within 20 minutes I had him drinking a glass of my piss, this was the beginning of my journey into female dominance. Many of the females I come into contact with have ‘used’ my slave in some kind of capacity, be that as a toilet, as a footrest or for their own sexual gratification, over the last few years I’ve been documenting this ‘use’.’

In addition to London, CULTURAL TRAFFIC, which is committed to championing diversity while establishing a platform that showcases an inclusive global community, has been staged in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and Miami. Described as ‘a market for the culturally inquisitive’, it focusses on counter culture’s pre-internet roots while embracing new innovators who operate outside of the mainstream.

Previous fairs have included exhibitors like: Accumulate, Four Corners Books, Alan Davidson, GRRRL ZINE FAIR, Antoine Lefebvre [Paris], Hate Magazine, Baron Magazine, Hickathrift Press, Bip Ling, Homer Sykes/ My British Archive, Black Gallery, John Marchant Gallery, BLOW UP PRESS [Poland] , Kim Wan, Brass Neck Press [Ireland], Kiosk, Carla Borel, Mark Pawson/Disinfotainment, Common Practices, Metamythic [Glasgow], Dafydd Jones, Morel Books, Elizabeth Horney. 

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12 Noon 
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Publishing Now 
Dinah Gold/ The London Vagabond
Luisa Le Voguer Couyet/ Hate Zine
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Scarlett Cannon 
Blitz Kid
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Philip Sallon 
Grade 1 listed National Treasure 
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Saturday 5th October
Free Entry 11am - 8pm
Old Spitalfields Market
Central Mezzanine Terrace
8 Horner Square
London E1 6EW

Pictured above: Oro, 2019, HDPE recycled plastics sculpture and recycled plastics base

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